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James Jones, PE

Jim Jones, PE

Town of Tonawanda Engineer
"The research, calculations, logic, form design and reporting were extremely well thought out and implemented by carefully reviewing our policies and procedures and incorporating that work flow into the software. I’m sure we are the only ones on the planet that had such a unique situation to design such a software but it’s relevance and usefulness is still viable. We got our money’s worth since we have been using it for 18 years."
Barry Parker

Barry Parker

"I hired Walling Info Systems to deliver programming support on our web initiatives working closely with internal resources. All of the work involved quickly learning the business needs to produce comprehensive, quality results in a timely manner. Many of the delegated projects involved complex processes and very detailed programming to support the business requirements. In all cases, Walling Info Systems delivered high quality results. I can give my unconditional recommendation for Walling Info Systems, as they have proven to be a dedicated professional and very valuable partner and resource to my operation."
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Stan James

"Walling Info Systems developed a very user friendly software program that streamlined our dispatch operations for more efficient utilization of more than 280 commercial trucks serving customers throughout South Carolina and surrounding areas. Joe took our outdated process and developed a software program that substantially increased our productivity. Our dispatchers love the software and the support Joe and his team provide"
Jennifer Wake

Jennifer Wake

"Walling Information Systems recently designed a membership program for our growing church. I have known many programmers, designers, etc. during my career of 18+ years, but have yet to find one as diligent and creative as Joe Walling. I strongly recommend Joe and his company, his QA department and other members to anyone needing a prompt, high level, detail oriented job completed."

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Since every company has unique needs, let's talk about your specific needs and see if we can help you improve the ROI of your development efforts. Even if we aren't a match, you'll still come away from the meeting with a few ideas or approaches to the issues.
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Is Your Project on the Verge of Failing?

You aren't alone. According to The Portland Business Journal, 65-80% of IT projects fail to meet objectives, finish on time or finish at or under budget.

We'd be happy to have a quick, no obligation discussion with you to see if our highly experienced team can help.

Is Your Software Project Behind Schedule?

Whether you develop internal software or commercial software, there are certain things you can do to maximize your ability to make your customers happy. These options aren't always readily obvious to most software developers.

Let us use our experience to help you make your customers happier. 

Are Your Users Happy With Your Application?

If your software has bugs or is difficult to use, your users won't be happy. If this is commercial software, both of these factors will result in a high churn rate. 

You don't have to live with excessive bugs or unusable software. Often, your users may not even complain. You don't find out they are having issues until they stop being a customer.

Do you know how to fix these issues? We have had experience with this for both internal and commercial software.
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