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Building Software to Improve Your Profits

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Custom Software Development

  • Reduce Workload
  • Increase Profits
  • Improve Software Support

“I wish my computer system could ________.”

In honestly evaluating your current project needs, you have taken the first step toward genuine performance improvement. The average business has many opportunities to save money, streamline processes, and improve customer support, yet current projects and pressures limit time to investigate and improve.
Follow the link below for more on how to use software strategically to improve your bottom line.

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Improving Your Processes

Your development staff is one of your most valuable assets. Several things can be done to improve their effectiveness and efficiency:

  • Using appropriate tools
  • Choosing the correct architecture
  • Using “Agile” approaches
  • Having streamlined, repeatable systems

Most code is riddled with bugs and errors, yet several tools are available to cut errors by as much as 80%. Ensure that your programmers are using a proven “best practice” software development approach. If not, you will pay exponentially to maintain inflexible, difficult code that will require re-programming work rather than accept fluid, efficient updates.

Follow the link below for more on our proven best practice approach.

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Developer Training

Unlike many software developer training programs, we design your training around the specific needs of your organization:

  • Mentor Staff
  • Custom Curriculum
  • Formatted to Specific needs
  • Relevant Content
  • Performance Focused

Whether you need training on the technology, process, or architecture, we would love a chance to talk about your needs to see how we might be able to help you.

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Satisfied Customers

I hired Walling Info Systems to deliver programming support on our web initiatives working closely with internal resources. All of the work involved quickly learning the business needs to produce comprehensive, quality results in a timely manner. Many of the delegated projects involved complex processes and very detailed programming to support the business requirements. In all cases, Walling Info Systems delivered high quality results.

I can give my unconditional recommendation for Walling Info Systems, as they have proven to be a dedicated professional and very valuable partner and resource to my operation.
I wanted to let you know how pleased our entire group is with the ‘Recruiting Wizard’ software package you have developed. The way you designed your software has simplified our business whether we are entering data or searching for individuals to fit current job openings. The ease with which we can move from screen to screen has simplified our search process. As you know, it was difficult to change from one way of doing things to another, but your program made this transition extremely easy.
When Joe initially came to our office to help us out, we had already had one failed attempt at getting a software program written by another company. Joe spent time working with us to understand our needs and then wrote a software application that met our needs perfectly. That software application became Recruiting Wizard. We were extremely pleased with the program and continue to use it today.

Over the years, Joe has always been there to answer questions and help us maximize the capability. And Joe has solved our technical problems. For example, we've transferred Recruiting Wizard to new laptops several times and have occasionally encountered some computer software difficulties. Guess what-Joe has always responded quickly and solved our technical interface problems.

I wholeheartedly endorse Recruiting Wizard and Joe Walling. Recruiting Wizard has worked for us for 16 years. Joe Walling is extremely knowledgeable and will respond to your needs quickly.
The research, calculations, logic, form design and reporting were extremely well thought out and implemented by carefully reviewing our policies and procedures and incorporating that work flow into the software. I’m sure we are the only ones on the planet that had such a unique situation to design such a software but it’s relevance and usefulness is still viable. I think we got our money’s worth since we have been using it for 17 years.
Walling Information Systems recently designed a membership program for our growing church. I have known many programmers, designers, etc. during my career of 18+ years, but have yet to find one as diligent and creative as Joe Walling. I strongly recommend Joe and his company, his QA department and other members to anyone needing a prompt, high level, detail oriented job completed.