Affordable Custom Software Development

If off the shelf software can’t meet the unique needs of your business, Walling Info Systems LLC can create a custom software solution that is perfectly aligned with your business processes.

Do you ever get frustrated with your current computer systems? Ever wish for additional functionalities, a way to automate a process that would save you exponentially in time and money, for one cohesive system to keep your most important business information? Have you ever wanted to scream…


All day long your employees do manual processes that could be done more quickly with a computer. How much money could you save or make if you had a software application to automate your business processes.

One way that many companies increase their sales and reduce their costs is by providing their clients with self-service capabilities. Not only are their clients willing to take the self-service approach, todays technically savvy prefer the self-service model. Instead of waiting on hold for a person and possibly having to listen to a sales pitch, many people prefer to look up the information themselves or fill out a request online and have you email them. Do your processes support this wherever possible?

What repetitive processes do you have? Do these processes have a set of rules used in the decision making? Are these processes either common, time-consuming, or error prone. In any of these cases, they are good candidates for creating a custom software application to automate the process.
Give us a call and we’ll come out and do an assessment to help you determine where you could get the best ROI out of having custom software written to support your unique business processes.

Identifying your current business needs is the first step towards performance improvement. Advances in modern technology have resulted in some of the most progressive, sophisticated software programs we have ever seen. The functionality and productivity of these programs results in time and money savings for those companies which were able to honestly identify their business needs and translate them into a list of software requirements. The possibilities are endless!

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “But, is a custom software program right for me? And what about those off-the-shelf software programs? How do I know one of those won’t be just as good?” An off-the-shelf software package will typically be significantly cheaper than a custom program, but the likelihood that the program will fit all of your current business needs is highly unlikely. Additionally, when your business needs change and you come up with new requirements it’s incredibly time consuming and costly to try and improve upon an existing off-the-shelf software product. In the end you could wind up spending more than you would have if you’d gone with a custom solution to begin with.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty here and answer a few of those burning questions you have.

Q: Ok, so seriously, how much is it going to cost?
A: I know you’re looking for a number here, but unfortunately it’s impossible to provide you with a quote on a customized software package when we’re not sure what type of software is required to best meet your business’ needs. So, what we’d like to offer you is a free, no obligation consultation. This will give us the opportunity to really learn about you and your business, what your current struggles or needs are, and allow us to determine what an accurate and fair price for the project would be. Please call Walling Info Systems directly at 864-214-2748 to schedule your consultation.

NOTE: In many cases we will provide a maximum cost for the development of custom software programs. By weighing this investment against the value of time saved and the value of added customer opportunities, you can determine your ROI. Our clients rave on the rate of “payback” on our development services – paying for themselves and surpassing expenses to increased revenues in a short time.

Q: What tools will you use to develop my application?
A: Walling Info Systems primarily uses mainstream Microsoft tools such as Visual Studio using C# or VB.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, and MS SQL SERVER. The exact tool will depend on your specific project needs as explained on the programming technology page.

Q: What if I know I need something, but don’t know where to begin?
A: Don’t stress yourself out. Just give us a call to schedule your free consultation. We will deal with the technology issues and promise not to talk to you in boring, over-the-top technical terms. We want nothing more than for this process to be as smooth and seamless as possible for you and your business team. You shouldn’t have to worry about the technology. Let us take care of that. Give us a call today at 864-214-2748.

Still not convinced? Here are some clear cut benefits to going with a custom software solution from Walling Info Systems LLC:

  • Developed using today’s latest up-to-date technology and industry best practices
  • We only accept high ROI projects. If we don’t think it will be a big win for you, we will not take on the project. We only want to do projects where our clients will be raving fans because of what we are able to accomplish for them.
  • Designed exclusively to fit your business needs
  • Flexible, upgradeable, and scalable software
  • Open, transparent communication throughout the entire development process
  • More efficient and productive software programs
  • Software that is easier to support, debug and troubleshoot
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • For projects outside the Greenville SC area, we have tools that allow us to hold online conferences so we can still get the feeling of face-to-face meetings.
  • Experienced developers, software architects, project managers, and QA testers.
  • Reduced cost because we use a combination of on-shore and off-shore developers

With 30 years of experience developing custom software applications, Walling Info Systems LLC can help you use software strategically to improve your business’ bottom line. Give us a call today at 864-214-2748 to schedule your free consultation.