What Do I Do With These Business Cards?

If you do a lot of networking, you end up with a lot of business cards. How often do you set these cards on your desk or in a drawer with the intention of adding them to your contact list or CRM system? How often do you really get them entered into your system within […]

Walling Info Systems Works with Softdocs

Walling Info Systems had the pleasure of working with Columbia, SC based software development company, Softdocs this year. We were tasked with creating a website updater application to help Softdocs better serve their existing and future clients. The application allows users to quickly update their existing websites by a simple click of a button. This […]

Walling Info Systems Redevelops Mulch Mart of Powdersville’s Website

Walling Info Systems is pleased to announce the completion of the new Mulch Mart of Powdersville website. The new site features a complete image list of all of Mulch Mart’s products, a frequently asked questions page that thoroughly answers many of your most pressing mulch questions, and a Mulch Calculator that allows customers to calculate […]

Joe Walling to Present at The Columbia Enterprise Developers Guild

Does your website load quickly or do people leave your site because they get impatient? If your website doesn’t display within a couple seconds, you will start losing some of your visitors. By 8 seconds, no one is hanging around waiting for the page to load. Thursday 9/11/2014, Joe Walling will be showing some simple […]

Automated Testing Presented to UWIT

I was privileged to be the only man in a room full of women yesterday. That is because I was giving the presentation at the Upstate Women in Technology monthly meeting. The funny thing is that one of the members tried to kick me out because men weren’t allowed. When she found out I was […]

Carolina Code Camp Review

I had a great time at the Code Camp in Charlotte on Saturday and was glad to see a number of developers from Greenville. In addition to giving a presentation “Improving Your Software Development Processes” I went to several interesting presentations. After seeing the Angular presentation, I know I am going to have to try […]

Joe Walling Presents at The Carolina Code Camp: Saturday, May 3rd

This Saturday, May 3rd, Joe Walling will be presenting at the Carolina Code Camp in Charlotte, NC. His presentation is titled “Improving Your Software Development Processes.” In the presentation he discusses the main causes of software development project failures and what organizations can do to avoid these problems to ensure a successful project.

Drowning in IT Projects? Local Outsourcing Could Save the Day.

As we swim forward in the ocean of technology, forceful currents are pulling at each and every industry – specifically organizational leaders. While legacy product maintenance demands attention, the winds of change yank us to and fro between how much “reasonable” programming investments should cost, delicately balanced against how the life cycle of the product […]