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Walling Info Systems Updates League Management Software for Twilight Golf League

Golf League Member Screen

Walling Info Systems had the pleasure of updating an out of date golf league management software application for Twilight Golf League located in NY earlier this year. The application was so out of date that it was only able to run on Windows versions prior to XP. Twilight Golf League uses the software to keep track of overall team scores, handicaps, match results, etc. Our job was to rewrite the software making it compatible with newer versions of Windows operating systems.

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Carolina Code Camp Review

I had a great time at the Code Camp in Charlotte on Saturday and was glad to see a number of developers from Greenville. In addition to giving a presentation “Improving Your Software Development Processes” I went to several interesting presentations. After seeing the Angular presentation, I know I am going to have to try that in a project. The MeteorJS presentation by Kevin Hennessy was pretty cool. While I have no desire to write even more JavaScript, it is cool the way you can use JavaScript on both the server side and the client side.

If you are interested in the pdf of the slides for my presentation, you can find them here.

Joe Walling Gives Presentation to Greenville Tech CPT Seniors

Tuesday, 4/22/2014, Joe Walling gave the “What’s Next” presentation to the Greenville Tech CPT Senior Project class.  The presentation was about what these IT students can do to optimize their chances of finding meaningful work soon after graduation. Most of these principles also apply throughout one’s career.

You can find the slides from the presentation here and the Cheat Sheet here.

Drowning in IT Projects? Local Outsourcing Could Save the Day.

As we swim forward in the ocean of technology, forceful currents are pulling at each and every industry – specifically organizational leaders. While legacy product maintenance demands attention, the winds of change yank us to and fro between how much “reasonable” programming investments should cost, delicately balanced against how the life cycle of the product plays out.

Job postings for development staff have increased in the last 18 months with IT unemployment at an all-time low. Developer salaries saw a 7% increase in the past year according to the RHT Salary Survey. What is the going rate? Can your organization compete for the top talent?

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