Dump Truck Dispatcher

Dump Truck Dispatcher Schedule

Dump Truck Dispatcher is cloud-based software that can help organize and manage quoting, orders, ticketing, scheduling, dispatching, and fleet vehicle maintenance for dump truck hauling companies. It was initially written as an application for a large dump truck company in SC and then enhanced to be made available to similar companies on a hosted SaaS […]

Configurator and Quoting Tool

Configurator proposal list

Configurator is a custom software program written to support a product used to allow people to configure complex products and create proposals. For example, in one case it allows hospitals to visually configure beds and accessories for the beds. The front end is an Adobe AIR application written by our client. We upgraded an existing .NET […]

StrategicRM for Cloud-based CRM, Project Management, and Time Tracking

Project Template Detail

StrategicRM is a Customer Relationship Management system with project management, social, and marketing automation functionality. It was written in response to our inability to find software that met our needs. While we could find several different products such as CRM, project planning, time tracking, and accounting software, and cobble them together, this would result in […]

Engineering Job Tracking

The Town of Tonawanda’s Engineering department needed a means to track their projects and the time and cost associated with each project. This application, which was originally written in MS Access 2 in 1997, has stood the test of time. Aside from being upgraded twice to newer versions of Access; the application has not required any additional […]

Our Members Church Membership Software

Our Members is a custom software program written for a church which was in need of membership management software with some very specific requirements. The custom web application is written in C#. It uses Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, jQuery, and JavaScript as supporting frameworks. The backend database is SQL Server 2014. The application is built […]

Portal Builder

Before WordPress was the standard blogging platform and WIX existed, Portal Builder provided a way for construction builders to have their own branded website. This application was provided free of charge to builders by a bank that specialized in construction loans. This custom web application was written in VB.NET using ASP.NET webforms with SQL Server […]

Recruiting Wizard

The Recruiting Wizard is an applicant tracking program for 3rd party recruiters and internal recruiting departments. Recruiters could easily keep track of their job orders, clients, applicants, and match candidates to jobs. It was originally written in MS Access in 1998 as a very cost effective solution for small recruiting organizations. Although the technology is now dated and […]

Golf League Software

Golf League Member Screen

This custom software application is used by the Twilight League Golf Club to manage their membership and league standings. It was originally a VB6 application with an MS Access database. It has now been rewritten as a Windows Forms program (desktop application) that is written in C# and uses Entity Framework with LINQ to access the […]