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DareBoost quality and performance report

While putting together some more information for a book and workshop on website performance optimization, I did some research on tools to help with the process. The goal was to find a cost effective way to analyze and fix my websites in a way that minimizes the time I spend on the process. While many of the tools referenced are free. Some of the tools you have to pay for end up being more cost effective because they save you a lot of time. If you value your time, then you can easily rationalize paying for some of these tools.

Before getting into the tools, I want to briefly cover the 5 step process I go through while evaluating and improving an existing website:
1. Determine if this site is worth saving
2. Fix W3C Validation issues
3. Improve page load performance
4. Improve Security and accessibility
5. Improve SEO and marketing

The main intent of this article is to show you some tools that help you to quickly and effectively optimize a website for performance and security using a process similar to the above. The tools will be broken into 7 main types and covered over 3 blog posts:
1. All in one
2. W3C Validation
3. Page load analysis
4. Mobile friendliness
5. Security
6. Accessibility
7. SEO and Marketing – not covered in this article

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