Software Product Development

If you are planning to launch your own software product and don’t have the technical expertise in house, let us be your development team. We have experience building, deploying, and supporting commercial products, and can help you avoid the many pitfalls.

Developing commercial software is different from custom software development. The software must be developed to a higher standard. If you hire a software developer without strong commercial software development experience, you are likely to have many support issues that could have been avoided.

When developing software products for sale the following are extremely important:

  • stability
  • usability
  • scalability
  • ease of deployment

When developing custom software, clients are looking at bang for the buck. They are generally only willing to pay for the no-frills version. However, when you are developing a commercial software product, any shortcomings in usability or bugs will be amplified because of the larger client base and the higher expectations. If your software doesn’t meet these expectations, you may find bad reviews about your product on social media and other review sites.

Your product needs to have quality built in from the start. Don’t trust this to inexperienced developers or a development group that doesn’t have commercial software experience. You may also want to ask any prospective groups if they have a QA group. Commercial software products require a much greater QA effort to try to identify any issues. If they don’t have a devoted QA group, move on to your next option. We have found that having close to 1 QA hour per 1 developer hour is a good ratio. Don’t rely on the developer to test your product. This rarely works.

Whether we act as your development team or augment your existing team, Walling Info Systems can help to make your commercial or custom software project a success. Give us a call today for a free, no obligation consultation at 864-214-2748.