Drowning in IT Projects? Local Outsourcing Could Save the Day.

As we swim forward in the ocean of technology, forceful currents are pulling at each and every industry – specifically organizational leaders. While legacy product maintenance demands attention, the winds of change yank us to and fro between how much “reasonable” programming investments should cost, delicately balanced against how the life cycle of the product plays out.

Job postings for development staff have increased in the last 18 months with IT unemployment at an all-time low. Developer salaries saw a 7% increase in the past year according to the RHT Salary Survey. What is the going rate? Can your organization compete for the top talent?

While staffing agencies may assist in locating developers in a timelier manner, they add substantial cost to the endeavor. What benefits does this premium bring?

• Time savings: in finding and interviewing candidates.
• Technical qualification: of the candidate, reducing the burden of technical aspects.
• Administrative overhead reduced: in handling payroll for the developer.

Hiring through a staffing agency model, a hidden element exists that may be paramount depending
on your existing team and their interactions. Frequently a company is not able to afford the absolute top talent. In that case, who follows up on the developer to ensure they are employing best practices? Who can that developer ask for help when they run into technical issues? Local outsourcing succeeds, and the developer(s) working on your project are overseen by an experienced architect/developer. A leader who is always available when the developer runs into technical issues.

Unfortunately, outsourcing IT development has been generalized. Many people equate “outsourcing efforts” to going off-shore and losing control of the project. It is possible to outsource for a cost similar to what you would pay in the staffing model. However, you avoid the burden of the hardware, software, and office space. With a prepared strategy, local outsourcing thrives, while you maintain control and are kept in the loop on project advancement.

Integral to the success of this approach, the relationship requires communication methods focused on your business language, not frustrating techno-babble that limits traction. The top priority throughout the project remains communication during regular meetings that show valid progress. The support received must be from a company that ensures needs are being met and updates are handled throughout the software process.

With Walling Info Systems, you have the opportunity to “hire” a team that is proven to deliver maximum quality work under competitive fee schedules. This format reduces labor force costs while inserting the experience and expertise of leading development management to your project.

The Walling Info Systems team has been supporting businesses through this venue for 20 years, with the best results imaginable – clients that are thrilled with outcomes, raving testimonials, and the satisfaction of forging a way to make a real difference.

Before you hire additional staff, allow Walling Info Systems to assist in your assessment of development opportunities with a FREE, no obligation consultation.