Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality assurance is a critical part of our development processes. Unlike many organizations, we do not expect you to “QA” the software applications we write. We ensure that we have enough QA testing to adequately test the application. This gives us as well as our clients the added peace of mind of knowing that when the application is turned over for user acceptance testing, the software will be quite stable.

When we staff for a project, we generally try to provide a 1:1 relationship between QA and developer hours to ensure sufficient testing is taking place. Most development shops shortchange the QA resources. As a consequence these shops wind up spending more money on their projects since developers are more costly than QA testers. By adequately staffing QA, fewer bugs will get to production where bugs tend to be much more costly when they are found. The sooner a defect is found in the software development process, the less expensive it is to fix.

We know every business’ situation is different; therefore, we remain flexible and able to easily adapt to your current needs. If you already have adequate development resources in place but your QA resources are lacking, we would be happy to provide a quality assurance team for your current project. In addition to providing manpower to do the actual testing, we can also create test cases from the specifications as well as automated test scripts if the project warrants it.

If you would like to discuss your testing needs, call us at 864-214-2748 for a free consultation.