StrategicRM for Cloud-based CRM, Project Management, and Time Tracking

February 19, 2021

StrategicRM is a Customer Relationship Management system with project management, social, and marketing automation functionality. It was written in response to our inability to find software that met our needs. While we could find several different products such as CRM, project planning, time tracking, and accounting software, and cobble them together, this would result in excessive cost and double entry of some data. This product, which has not yet been released, will be made available on a subscription basis to people in need of this type of functionality.

StrategicRM is written in C# as a web application. It uses Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, jQuery, and JavaScript as supporting frameworks. The backend database is SQL Server 2014. The application is built using a responsive theme so that it displays well on computers and mobile devices.

The Dashboard gives the user an overall view of what’s going on in their CRM system. Upcoming events, Recent Activities, and social notifications give the user an idea what their next steps should be. It provides an overview of unread emails and messages.
A color coded calendar gives the user a way to manage their meetings and events. It interfaces with Outlook and Google calendars.
The user can assign tasks to employees, and even relate the tasks to a specific Contact, Opportunity, Customer, or Project.
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