User Experience (UX)

Creating a great application requires good UX design and prototyping.

When we ask people what they want for their application, they often find it difficult to put their needs into words.  Users typically don’t know what will work until they can see it. As a result, we often find that developers spend a lot of wasted time writing functionality that simply won’t work for the end users. The key to avoiding this time and money wasting scenario is to create a visual prototype early in the development cycle. This allows us to get early feedback from the stakeholders as well as ensures our developers have a clear understanding of what the software requirements truly are before development even begins.

The initial prototypes will be rough, but they open the conversation. With a prototype, we can then delve deeper into the user interaction and see how we can improve the user interface. In commercial software projects a good user interface may be the difference between success and failure of the project.

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